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0-9: Collections from Ten Art Collectors
11.11.2020 - 11.24.2020

47 pieces art collections of very different styles were shown, from fine paintings to creative installations to a wide variety of objects, from displays of collections to dialogue collectors exploring more backstory. 

Collectors shuttle between artists' studios, galleries, and fairs, taking visual experience as the oar and everyday insight as the rudder, moving forward in the perceptual blue sea of the art world.  Through their collections, thousands of works step out of the artist's studio and into more unknown spaces. As with the artist's creative thinking, the collector's collection style is as different: Some people use visual pleasure to guide the collection, and the penetration of beauty pleases the heart; Some people use the thrill of hunting to guide the collection and display the spoils as medal; Some people use the painfulness of ploughing and reading to guide the collection, and the spirituality of understanding is integrated into the viscera. These collections with complex motives allow artists to establish conceptual and emotional ties with collectors, and through a piece of work encounter, open the bidirectional inner window to the outside world. The collection, as fragments of the collector's trajectory, constitutes bystander’s imagination of the collector's own situation. They collect to constantly update their world view, just as artists are constantly advancing their creations.

From this, we hope to use collectors and their collections as an axis to showcase artists while allowing collectors to occasionally stand in front of us and be scrutinized by the public. In this exhibition, ten collectors of different circumstances presented themselves in a group exhibition to reveal some of their own expressions. For artists, they can look back at their works from the perspective of collectors, relax, briefly enter their context system, and explore the true meaning of mutual generosity in the traces of the lives of others.

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Embracing international artists and art brands, iag is always making the best of the circumstances to create China's own art IP by extending various creative art practice, from art education, the development and operation of art IP to the planning and execution of brand art consultant, design and publicity, exploring a complete trinity of products, art resources and commercial institutions, promoting diversity, inclusiveness and cultural equality in the field of contemporary art, thus realizing art for the public realm and art consumption.


Opening View for 0-9: Collections from Ten Art Collections

Opening View for 0-9: Collections from Ten Art Collections

Exhibition Site

Exhibition Site

Collector Jiang Ning (Right)

Collection Dogs and painter
by Zhang Wei