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Wild Cinema
2020.06.12 - 2020.08.31

What can contemporary art do to battle against the COVID-19 pandemic? Here comes the answer: looking for the new definition of art to help people survive the epidemic, and having an art carnival in the city core to calm people. Guided by the enthusiastic young generation, we reorganize the virus-stricken art world and create its new rules with creative practice.

Wild Cinema, the first opening group exhibition of iag, is fiercely landing at TX Huaihai | Youth Energy Center on June 12th, 2020. The new concept of “Contemporary Art Cinema” has endowed the exhibition with the long-delayed city mission of contemporary art: reshape the city with youthfulness, and redesign it as your artwork. It aims to provide the city core of Shanghai with immersive art experiences. When surrounded by artworks, visitors can go beyond the physical boundaries of art gallery, art space and other art forms, and thus build their fresh inspiration into the system of contemporary art. 

The contemporary art cinema hopes to answer the following questions: in concert with this generation of young people, how can contemporary art discover and publicize their experience, ideas and careers? What should it do for them? What can young people do when invited to appreciate art works? How can exhibition encourage young people to get energetically involved in learning and living, and take a leading role in the artistic business, thus incubating a new city core with their youthfulness.

Empower young people, and inspire the new force with freedom and crossovers, thereby creating the new art, new industry as well as the new business of the city core. To achieve that, we offer them the Wild Cinema to refresh their soul, reveal their lives, provoke their innovative thinking and exhibit their worlds.

The Wild Cinema exhibition will soon spread all over the country after the very first exhibition to be held at TX Huaihai | Youth Energy Center, where more than 20 artists will kick the tires of the decommercialized shopping mall for young people. Visitors are invited to engage in the large-scale interactive installations to construct their own art scenes, and create their own art. Also, Cc Art Museum will build a priceless, unique and exclusive contemporary art cosmos, placing an academic contemporary art museum into the city core to popularize the youthfulness and the contemporary art, so as to demonstrate that contemporary art is a reflection of the city’s space-time extension. It can awaken the city core with artworks and reinvigorate it by offering each citizen the appreciation of beauty:

turn their individual space-time into artistic works;

model artistic works after their city’s space-time;

write their own lives in the city’s stories, like street musicians’ depicting their harsh time with grief or joy in their compositions.

Key concept: contemporary art cinema= city core update= reshape the city with youthfulness

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iag, a passionate art group that combines incubation, originality, distribution, sales and management in the art realm, is committed to exploring the new territory of art cinema in China and integrating contemporary art with commerce in an all-round way through involving all parts of the creative art: art education, art community, art IP, art retail, art public relation, etc. 

Embracing international artists and art brands, iag is always making the best of the circumstances to create China's own art IP by extending various creative art practice, from art education, the development and operation of art IP to the planning and execution of brand art consultant, design and publicity, exploring a complete trinity of products, art resources and commercial institutions, promoting diversity, inclusiveness and cultural equality in the field of contemporary art, thus realizing art for the public realm and art consumption.